R: strong encryption for Europeans

Franco RUGGIERI fruggieri@selfin.net
Mon, 24 Nov 1997 21:09:55 +0100

Recently (June and October this year), attacks have been successfully
accomplished against DES and RC5 65 bit, by a huge number of computers
coordinated via Internet. Since participation in such effort was voluntary,
I wouldn't define such coordination as *strict*. Thus, we can assume that a
well determined organization would break codes based on keys up to 56 bit
in a reasonable amount of time. Therefore I wouldn't recommend VPNs based
on such systems (RCx, DES and the likes with *short*keys), unless for what
I would dub *minor areas* and for not long lasting applications.
This, of course, IMHO. I would appreciate comments (not flames!) on this
viewpoint of mine.

> Da: Martin W Freiss <freiss.pad@sni.de>
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> Oggetto: Re: strong encryption for Europeans
> Data: marted́ 28 ottobre 1997 16.42
> Hi,
> > I would like to know which options are available to Europeans with
> > to strong encryption VPNs. It appears that most of well known firewall
> > vendors are US companies and their VPNs are subjects to US law export 
> > restrictions.
> well, there are European firewall solutions, though they seem to be less
> well known. Check http://www.swn.sni.be for one solution that does
> not suffer from US export restrictions. Choice of RC4 and IDEA for VPN,
> to 128 bits. (Disclaimer: I work for that company, which makes me
> biased, so I will not compare this to other products here).
> > Another question: how strong is Check Point's FWZ1 ? What is its key 
> > length ? Are there any estimates as to how breakable it is ? Our local
> > reseller could not enlighten me in the matter. 
> 48 Bits for the encryption, if I remember correctly. Not knowing
> anything more about FWZ1, I won't hazard a guess as to the breakability
> Best regards,
> -Martin
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