Accessing a UNIX server through MS Proxy server 2.0

De los Santos, Ariel
Mon, 1 Jun 1998 17:07:13 -0400


By using MS Proxy 2.0, we are trying to accomplish the following:

We have some UNIX clients in our internal network. We'd like to allow
external users (WAN clients) to access these UNIX clients (by using
and/or FTP) while providing some security.

How are we supposed to configure MS Proxy 2.0 to accomplish this? Can we
this with MS Proxy 2.0? Which packet filters we must configure to
the access to determined clients?

We've checked the proxy documentation but it is very poor when talking
about this.

Your help will be greatly apprecciated.

Ing. Ariel De los Santos, MCP+I
Systems Analist