Dealing with MS Netmeeting & H.323
Tue, 2 Jun 1998 13:16:17 +0200

Jan Bervar@NIL
02.06.98 13:16

On 06/01/98 10:54:08 PM Hal  wrote:
> An H.323 proxy could solve these problems.  Firewall-1 states they can
> handle H.323  and work with Netmeeting (Does anyone have any experience
> with this?).  Guantlet/NT has an H.323. proxy but  their administrator's
> guide, which lists several multimedia  applications, does not list
> NetMeeting.   Are there other firewalls that can handle netmeeting?

Cisco PIX has the ability to securely convey H.323 (including MS
also along with full network address translation. It requires no special
configuration for outbound calls (the stateful "intelligence" will handle
the negotiated dynamic ports).

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