Dealing with MS Netmeeting & H.323
Wed, 3 Jun 1998 09:29:47 +0200

Jan Bervar@NIL
03.06.98 09:29

On 06/03/98 08:05:45 AM Rob Poland  wrote:
> > > An H.323 proxy could solve these problems.  Firewall-1 states they
> > > handle H.323  and work with Netmeeting (Does anyone have any
> > > with this?).  Guantlet/NT has an H.323. proxy but  their
> administrator's
> > > guide, which lists several multimedia  applications, does not list
> > > NetMeeting.   Are there other firewalls that can handle netmeeting?
> > Cisco PIX has the ability to securely convey H.323 (including MS
> > NetMeeting),
> Does the same apply for the Cisco IOS firewall feature set?

Not quite. While the IOS firewall feature set does stateful filtering for
application protocols (i.e. beside keeping the state of transport layer
stuff it
knows how applications work on network and transport layer) *INCLUDING
H.323* it
will (IMHO) not do network address translation on many of those protocols
that embed
IP addressing information above the network layer (prime examples include
SQL*net and most multimedia, again including H.323).

Cisco IOS NAT (also in the FW feature set) supports FTP, but not other
when translating addresses. The PIX supports more or less everything with

If you have more Cisco-specific questions I suggest we take this thread off
mailing list.

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