ClientAccess and Raptor Eagle 5

Toto Zammataro
Wed, 3 Jun 1998 10:26:18 +0200

Has someone dealt with a filtering of ClientAccess/400
with a Raptor Eagle 5?
The traffic handshaking looks like this (TCP):

Client ---->449---->AS/400
Client ---->8470-8476--->AS/400
Client ---->Telnet ----->As/400

Now, sniffing the traffic with and without the FW I have
the same trace, but when I put the fw in the middle, with 
the right ports opened, I can see a final telnet session, but
the client doesn't receive any data (neither the usual mask)
and remain hooked for some minutes.
I think that the client or the server at this point understands
that it's speaking with a proxy, and not the real counterpart.

Am I missing something?

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