Accessing a UNIX server through MS Proxy server 2.0

Itai Dor-on
Wed, 3 Jun 1998 09:35:32 +0200

>So, bottom line is you can't proxy telnet (your only alternative is to
>open up to the world!!) and there are some concerns over its FTP proxy.
>If I were you I would buy a firewall  ;-)

I suggest you buy a book on Microsoft Proxy Sever 2.0/1.0 as your
response clearly shows that you don’t understand its architecture.

You *can* proxy Winsock 1.1 compliant  applications (e.g TELNET) using
MSP Winsock Proxy module.

As for FTP sessions, you could proxy them using the Web Proxy module
and do a content scan using ISAPI .

What makes a product a ‘good firewall’ is its ability to reinforce the
security policy and to do it well. If Microsoft Proxy server can do that for
company then it is not a less secure solution than any other firewall vendor
(e.g Checkpoint, TIS etc.). The tricky part is to know how to define a
policy and to map it to technical requirements.