Dealing with MS Netmeeting & H.323

Ryan Russell
Wed, 3 Jun 1998 11:18:41 -0700

I'll agree with Fred on this one... It's pratically impossible
to really handle Netmeeting securely at this point, since the application's
purpose in life creates huge holes, even when functioning correctly.

At best at present, the main SPF products such as FW1 and PIX
just open the minimum number of ports for the minimum amount
of time.  It's a big impovement over Microsoft's instructions (
Just let all UDP in... .yea, right) but the program itself is still
pretty bad.

You really need a dedicated H.323 conferencing system to
even think about doing Netmeeting safely at this point.


Frederick M Avolio <> on 06/02/98 01:39:44 PM

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>> An H.323 proxy could solve these problems.  Firewall-1 states they can
>> handle H.323  and work with Netmeeting (Does anyone have any experience
>> with this?).  Guantlet/NT has an H.323. proxy but  their administrator's
>Cisco PIX has the ability to securely convey H.323 (including MS

Many companies claim to "handle" and some even indicate "handle securely."
I'd be interested in a short blurb from the vendors who handle such things
indicating how they handle it and why they think the way they handle it is
secure. (This is not intended to cast aspersions on any above-mentioned


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