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Why isn't a seperate DS1 "balanced"?

Unless you are going to run iBGP between two separate routers, the second
T-1 wouldn't be balanced.  If you aren't running a protocol with your
provider (like BGP or maybe OSPF), your best outbound case will be
round-robin-like on a Cisco.  Your inbound case may possibly be worse due to
the asymmetric nature of routing like this - although this could still
happen when you are running BGP also.

There are a number of other options.  Cisco sells pretty inexpensive routers
these days which can support a full T-3.  The 720x series chassis are
essentially large VIP cards (with four or six slots instead of two).  There
are DS-3 PAMS for these which are pretty good.  You should be able to come
up with this solution for less than $32k.

I agree with the person who suggested the bandwidth capped DS-3.  However,
in most cases, you are still paying for the entire DS-3 for transport, the
only capped feature would be your Internet connectivity.  In a former life,
we installed a fractional DS-3 which was provided by the same carrier which
was our provider.  Due to our size, we were able to use the remaining
bandwidth for other purposes.

Just my thoughts.

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