Dealing with MS Netmeeting & H.323

Ryan Russell
Mon, 8 Jun 1998 12:44:19 -0700

Don't get me wrong.. I'm actually a big SPF fan.

I was being more general with my definition of "secure."

Sure you, can make an SPF w/NAT hande it "securely" in
terms of only allowing the minimum ports by snooping
the data stream, etc..  Rumor has it that FW1 4.0 will
do just that.

What I was referring to was the capabilities of the
program itself... i.e. one of my users could go
into a netmeeting session, and give control of
a DOS box to someone on the outside.  No thanks.

>From that point of view, FW-1 handles it perfectly
"securely" at present.  It doesn't work at all. :)

                    Ryan on 06/04/98 09:10:09 AM

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On 06/03/98 08:18:41 PM "Ryan Russell"  wrote:
> I'll agree with Fred on this one... It's pratically impossible
> to really handle Netmeeting securely at this point, since the
> purpose in life creates huge holes, even when functioning correctly.

I don't consider it a huge risk for outgoing calls, when handled *PROPERLY*
by a stateful filter. And to make it scalable, you would appreciate the low
and high throughput that SPFs tend to have. Of course, YCMMV (C=customer's)

> At best at present, the main SPF products such as FW1 and PIX
> just open the minimum number of ports for the minimum amount
> of time.  It's a big impovement over Microsoft's instructions (
> Just let all UDP in... .yea, right) but the program itself is still
> pretty bad.

Yes, this is the way SPFs handle all the weird services. The obvious
we have here is that we rely on a timeout to close the dynamically opened
ports if you cannot determine the end of the session from a control channel
(for example, if you are streaming UDP inbound). So you do have a little
race condition there.

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