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Stout, Bill
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> Hello,
> 	I'm looking for information on the best way to allow our web
server to 
> access an internal database.  We are beginning an Internet commerce 
> site.  I've heard of several techniques: 
> 1) The web server has wrapper/stub cgi programs that call cgi routines

> on a second external box that has permission to cross the firewall 
> (a.k.a. a cgi reflector) 

Why a second box?  That will slow you down significantly.  The server
extensions should run on the webserver, which accesses an internal
application server.  You can either use a third interface on a firewall,
or cascade firewalls and be completely proxied (http/https to internet,
SQL to the inside).


For high-bandwidth situations (co-located), an alternative is to
front-end the webfarm with a network accelerator/intelligent caching
proxy (caches non-cgi URLs) which only passes http/https traffic, and
connect that to the third interface which proxies or packet-filters SQL

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> 2) Move the web server inside and proxy it out to the Internet.

Bad idea.

> 3) Export database to external server and allow web server to hit that

> db.

Eats CPU on webserver, harder to maintain and keep Db current.

> I know that many thousands of companies are doing commerce but I've
> unable to find a best practices document or other such info.

They each think their network design is a comeditive differentiator.  ;)

> Thanks in advance for any comments, info, or pointers to where I can 
> find some info.

Oracle, Microsoft, Redbrick, Information Advantage, Netscape, Digital,
IBM, Sun, Compaq, HP all have 'solutions' and will fall all over
themselves for a commerce site sale.  As long as you have money.

Lots of raw data on the Internet.  Beware of taking raw data as fact.

Bill Stout

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