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Thu, 18 Jun 1998 23:34:50 EDT


Im not too sure about your claim Rick. Mainly because Gauntlet uses ipfs (IP
filtering screen) and everything is stopped by it... not just by the IP
forwarding sysctl option.

Please correct me if Im wrong. I know in Gauntlet's that I've set up... I
monitored traffic on the outside as well as the inside during attacks and I
saw no traffic pass.


In a message dated 98-06-16 00:25:29 EDT, rmurphy@mitretek.org writes:

<< If IP forwarding is enabled, someone simply directs their traffic through
 the firewall - the firewall proxies never see the traffic, thus it's simply
 acting as a wide-open router.
 You must disable ip forwarding for the firewall to be effective.
 	-Rick >>