Proxy 2.0 secure

Gillian Steele
Thu, 18 Jun 1998 17:55:27 -0400

Hi Martijn:

I'm a member of a number of firewall lists, and I've been barraged with
requests for this URL since my post about the test, so I've copied this
message back to all of the lists.

Note:- the test shows that MSP 2.0 is up there with the best of them when it
comes to blocking unwanted access, but it's pretty poor when it comes to
reporting.  OTOH, for only $1000 for the package, I'd write my own reporting
tools in Excel :-).  The report logs are simple comma-delimited text files.

The URL is

Best Regards,

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Date: Thursday, 18 June, 1998 5:41 AM
Subject: Proxy 2.0 secure

>Can you give me the URL's of the recent tests about MSP 2.0, you
>mentioned in the Firewall Digest.
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