Proxy 2.0 secure?

Vanja Hrustic
Thu, 25 Jun 1998 17:01:03

At 11:50 AM 6/24/98 -0400, Grigorof, Adrian wrote:
>I agree to hammer MS when they screw up, they may be M$ (as oppossed to
>the other guys that are in the business just for the pleasure) but hey,
>be objective, it helps! Anyway, speaking of $ how much is Proxy and how
>much is let's say Eagle Firewall? I can tell you: MS Proxy ~ 1,000$,
>Eagle ~ 15,000$. 
>Adrian Grigorof

And to be honest, obtaining a trial version of MS Proxy 2.0 is matter of
*minutes*, while obtaining evaluation version from some of 'major' vendors
is matter of *months* sometimes (and matter of $$$ sometimes, depending on
the vendor).

What experiences you people have with some 'major' firewall vendors, when
it comes to support, response, and obtaining an evaluation version of
firewalls? And if you live outside US, are you 'forced' to contact local
distributor? (that can be a *real* pain sometimes ;)

Well, big plus for M$ this time! [I can't beleive that I wrote this ;]