Proxy 2.0 secure?

Brian Steele
Thu, 25 Jun 1998 15:38:42 -0400

>TIS fwtk: $0
>FreeBSD+IPfilter: $0
>Linux ipfw: $0
>Squid proxy: $0

Ok - I'm always interested in free products.  How well does this product
integrate with an NT-based LAN and the security model employed thereon?  For
example, would it allow me to log on at any NT or Win 95 box on the internal
LAN (with dynamic IP addresses assigned via DHCP to each PC) and access the
Internet transparently without requesting additional authentication
information?  Will I be able to move to another PC and continue to enjoy my
privileged access to the Internet without any reconfiguration on the part of
the PC or the server, while another user is only allowed HTTP access to
certain sites from my PC, based on his authentication level under NT, again
all transparently?

>And.. i think that ease of MS Proxy installation being compared with
>(at least) some of this products is just a myth.

MSP 2.0 is VERY easy to set up.  It would be VERY difficult to beat it in
this arena,  However, adding RRAS/PPTP on the same box does make things
slightly more difficult.  Adds about 10 min. or so to the setup routine :-).

Brian Steele