PC Extender

HSKarim@aol.com HSKarim@aol.com
Sat, 27 Jun 1998 01:51:09 EDT

Is there anyone out there using PC Extender to manage multiple firewalls? I
desperately need help. Im having a hard time getting PC Extender to even
encrypt the traffic let alone to do anything else.

btw... is anyone using something other than PC Extender to securely manage
their Gauntlet firewalls? Im trying to come up with a way to encrypt traffic
from our management workstations and about 50 firewalls.

Also... has anyone actually used that front screen on the Gauntlet GUI that
seems to allow  the management of multiple firewalls? I tried to use it once
but it didn't seem to retain any of the firewalls that I defined there. I cant
recall but is that screen even documented?

Thanks in advance