[Q] Unified authentication & authorisation for Unix, NT and Cisco routers?

Rodney van den Oever roever@nse.simac.nl
Thu, 5 Nov 1998 22:41:49 +0100

>* Single server for authentication (with option for a fallback server)
>* Ability to control authorisation from this server, using simple "is this
>user permitted or not"

You might want to take a look at Cisco's SecureACS for Windows NT or Shiva's Access Manager. Both offer about the same capabilities:

o RADIUS, Tacacs+
o It can proxy to your Windows NT Domain Controller
o Beware: you can't use CHAP if you want to use the proxy-functionality. But you might want to use keycards (OTP) for dialins anyway.
o Unix logins would have to use RADIUS or Tacacs+.
o Linux for example has a PAM-module to authenticate against NT:


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