NAI Guantlet "Best of Show Award" The Real Deal

Waszak, Tom
Tue, 10 Nov 1998 17:11:04 -0500

It says quit clearly who won the "Best of Show Award"
I cut and pasted this directly from the article (the part in bold).  Go to
the url below to see for yourself.

Other BEST OF SHOW winners, by category, are:

                   Network Server Systems and Peripherals: Quad Research's
                 web server (To see more information about all the
finalists, click here.) 
                   Network Security and IP Tools: Internet Devices' Fort
Knox VPN

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Real Deal

		> The LAN Times and Data Communications sponsored "Best of
Show Networld +
		> Interop '98"  has been a major marketing coup for NAI.
		> The fact is Gauntlet came in fourth.  ...
		> <>
"Internet Devices' Fort
		> Knox VPN engine" won  the "Best of Show Network Security
and IP Tools"
		> category.

		Thanks for partly setting the record straight.  A good
illustration of
		evil marketing practices.

		However, I don't think it's fair to say Gauntlet came in
fourth.  If
		you're going by list order, then Fort Knox came in third.
Eh?  ;-/

		OBTW, public apologies for my earlier ill-informed statement
in this
		thread about Raptor.  We had a local study done that said
that for it
		to do everything that we wanted it to do, routes would have
to be
		available to the Internet.  I extrapolated too much from
that part.  It
		was possible to cut back route availability by removing
		But I don't (partly because of that report) have personal
		with Raptor.

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