Upload Error [cisco PIX]

Patrick Philosophe pphilosophe@cinram.com
Mon, 30 Nov 1998 18:06:22 -0500

Flash is 2MB and OK. I have no problem loading 4.2.(2). I run into problems
with 4.2(2).202. It hangs at "starting at 16 MB" almost as if the code
requires >16MB DRAM to run.
Ultimately, I am hoping this later release will solve the issues of 128bit
encryption passthrough the PIX Firewall. The message I receive under syslog
with code level 4.2.(2) is as follows:
"IPFRAG:Unable to allocate frag record for <IP>/ to <IP>/"
After clearing the xlate, I was able to access a secured site (requiring 128
bit encryption). Soon thereafter the problem occured again. That is why I am
hoping release 4.2.(2).202 will resolve the issue.
Any other suggestions?

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> To:	Patrick Philosophe
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> Subject:	Re: Upload Error [cisco PIX]
> >Is anyone else having troubles loading code 4.2(2).202 to Pix Firewall? I
> >seem to run out of FLASH memory and the upload halts. Can I free up
> memory
> >by deleting the old code in FLASH? Any suggestions?
>   A possible cause was recently covered in the comp.dcom.sys.cisco
> Usenet news group.
>   Do a www.dejanews.com search with keywords cisco pix flash.
>   From one of the replies:
> >Watch out for hardware, it may well be that the flash is not big
> >enough to take the 4.2(2) (Important Note 7, Release Notes,
> >September 1998).  Reboot the box and look for the string
> >"Flash=xxxx".  If xxx begins with AT, you're OK for the 4.2(2),
> >if it begins with i, you have to upgrade, if it begins with
>   - Randy
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