[fw-wiz] Cisco PIX

Laurent LEVIER llevier@argosnet.com
Thu, 07 Sep 2000 23:28:19 +0200

I have many Pixes under my control.

There are many side effects using them, especially on routage. For example, cascading pixes is quite hard to build.

But using logs of this chatty device, I built an IDS solution.

But you must also know that (for example) scanning a Pix for the outside bring no logs, except a weird attemp on a nated channel.

In fact, Pix is nice to NAT, and that's all.

Of course, personal feeling :)

At 16:02 07/09/00 +0000, Tony Jenkinson wrote:
>I am hearing alot of positive talk about Sisco PIX solution, but am wondering
>if there are any negative comments regarding this.
>Would like to move to Sisco, but would like ALL the facts.
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