[fw-wiz] Good Router/Firewall Combo

Frank R. Boecherer frank@computica.com
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I don't know how it compares to the rest of the units out there, but I've
been using the SonicWall router.  It has 2 ethernets and even a model that
has a DMZ.  It's not low cost like the Linksys, but it does have quite a bit
of control with a nice HTML interface.

There's also a VPN option (which costs more again, but it's available if you
want to expand).

The other product similar in price and capability appears to be the
WatchGuard though I haven't done anything with it.

I use the SonicWall at my office and for some of my small clients.


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Hey All,

Can anyone recommend a good firewall/router combo for a DSL or a cable
connection (with two ethernets, the DSL/Cable on one side and the local
network on the other).

Also, if possible, please let me know how configurable the firewall is.  The
last thing I want is a firewall that disallows me from doing anything "fun".
I want to be able configure it for any type of inbound or outbound traffic
(particularly outbound traffic, I'm trying to keep the bad guys out, not the
good guys in).

Thanks much,

Steven Osman

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