[fw-wiz] Home Solaris ISDN Firewall

Mills, Craig CMills@netbridge.com.au
Tue, 12 Sep 2000 14:09:24 +1100

The problem Chris has with the Pipeline is the restriction on the number
of filters you can apply to a connection. There may be an option using a
RADIUS server to supply the filters using vendor specific attributes, so
that you can supply additional filters using this service. I haven't
tried this on a Pipeline, only on the Ascend Max series, so I'm not sure
if this will work.

Craig Mills

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> From: Rip Loomis [mailto:loomisg@cist.saic.com]
> Chris--
> Not sure what feature set was lacking in the
> Pipeline 75 that is causing you to get rid
> of it...especially since it's probably got
> better Dial-on-demand features than anything
> you can easily get running on Solaris.  To
> Rip Loomis		Voice Number: (410) 953-6874
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> > From: firewall-wizards-admin@nfr.net
> > 
> > Hi everybody. For many years I have jused an External 
> > Pipeline 75 Router as my 
> > Firewaal/Dial on Demand Connection to the Internet. 
> > 
> > I have however (im my wisdom :->) decided to get rid of my 
> > aging router and turn 
> > an old sparc5 into my firewall and DOD router. It will be 
> > running Solaris 2.7 
> > sun ISDN scsi card.
> > 
> > I need some help with the actual software. Can I use ipchains 
> > like linux or is 
> > their something better? How do I set up the ISDN ppp dialup? 
> > How can I make my 
> > box dial on demand? 
> > 
> > Any help would be much appreciated. 
> > Thanks in advance
> > Chris Kimber
> > 

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