[fw-wiz] Leader in firewall product

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We can recommand:

Sidewinder  (www.securecomputing.com) Application-Level Gateway BSD-based,=
running on most strong Intel Hardware, no limit of NIC=B4s, good VPN, very=
 flexible for 
bigger solutions

BorderWare (www.borderware.com) Application Level Gateway, running on ever=
y Intel-
PC, supporting three LAN=B4s, included Servers are: FTP, DNS, WWW, MAIL-Se=
very secure (no hacked in several years) and absolutely simple to support =
but not very 
flexible - excellent for medium solutions from 50 to 500 Users

Watchguard (www.watchguard.com) Type: IP-filter, HW-Appliance ready to go =
(in red 
color) with direct-support - very cheap, for small solutions

Netscreen (www.netscreen.com) IP-filter, HW-Appliance (very fast!!!, softw=
are is 
running on asics only), direct support and Reseller-Support - all kinds of=

Elron (www.elronsw.com) - we haven=B4t own experiance but heard very fine =
things about


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Subject:        	[fw-wiz] Leader in firewall product

> I'm looking for 5 to 7 firewall products to evaluate.
> I know Firewall 1 and Raptor. I've heard about the Matra solution.
> Can anybody give me a list of roughly 5 other firewalls that have a seri=
> support and that can be sold outside the US ?
> Thanks,
> Tom.
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