[fw-wiz] Implementing PIX Failover over a Fibre link?

Laura Taylor ltaylor@technologyevaluation.com
Mon, 18 Sep 2000 14:19:30 -0400

If serial extenders did work, the first time you have a problem Cisco and
call Cisco they will tell you it's an unsupported configuration. Unless you
want to use total freeware, hacking together a COTS solution usually gives
the vendor an excuse not to help you. Laura

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> On the other hand, you could use native failover and extend the failover
> cable via modems, but this is not officially supported by Cisco. As you
> will definitely need some dynamic routing in the setup, I would much
> a clean routing-based solution.

I recall reading somewhere in the PIX documentation that "serial
extenders" - including modems - wil not work with the failover cable.


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