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Tue, 19 Sep 2000 16:55:36 +0200

I would suggest to have a look to Smartfilter of Securecomputing, a good s=
olution if 
you are using squid-proxy or MS. It wok with all FW=B4s but than the stat=B4=
s are not very 

If you are in europe, the smartfilter implemention of SIEMENS Germany 
(www.smartfilter.de) are the best of, as you can have for most countries s=
versions to scan the national url=B4s ( for example xxx.de (germany), xxx.=
fr (french) 
a.s.o. in addition to the internationals.

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> Scott,
> I believe that RuleSpace (http://www.rulespace.com/) is a strong competi=
> to WebSense, though less well known.
> Cyberpatrol is one of the classic vendors providing products in this spa=
> though it appears to me that WebSense and RuleSpace are a cut above in t=
> of their technology.
> Hope this helps,
> -David
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> Subject: [fw-wiz] WebSense
> I'm currently evaluating WebSense (http://www.websense.com/index.cfm) wi=
> my PIX firewall.  It seems to do a great job of filtering web sites.  I'=
> also been playing with the reporter software which logs all the URL's pe=
> request into a SQL database.  This too seems to be working great.  Altho=
> when using the PIX, you cannot keep track of bytes downloaded, so many o=
> the canned reports do not work (since they are based on bytes downloaded=
> I have started experimenting with different queries directly on the data=
> that will yield reports with relavent information.
> I'm curious about the experience other's have had with WebSense?  Any ho=
> stories?  
> Is there any competition to WebSense?  Anybody else out there make softw=
> so I can log my internet usage?
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> Scott Hewitt
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