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I wrote a review that was posted on the TEC Security Index called "Can
Network Associates Sell Guantlet?" I wrote this article after spending
considerable time with two Network Associates employees and talking to =
customers, exchanging email with many security professionals, and =
many technical sources. Network Associates bombarded TEC with enough
threats, emails, and phone calls from their legal team, that we took =
article down. Anyone wanting to know more can write to me directly.=20

No, my tires have not been slashed...yet.


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> > > -Borderware
>Borderware is just a hardened Gauntlet running on a hardened BSD.
>(Okay, maybe it isnt gauntlet, but the feeling is the same).
>It has an ST which claims it to be EAL4, but I cannot imagine
>how could that ST got evaluated (not big issues, but I had
>some formal problems with it). It seems really a secure one
>for the old-type internet firewall usage, I say it from
>experience. But do not hit it with big traffic.

Gauntlet was ITSEC evaluated at E3, which is roughly equivalent to =
As you may know, it's all in how much security the ST provides ;-)
There's lots of EAL3 firewalls around; some of them conform to the NSA=20
firewall PP set, some don't.

The company that built Borderware was once a Gauntlet reseller - that =
explain the similarities between Borderware and Gauntlet.

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