[fw-wiz] Where to find a example security policy?

Philip S Holt, INFOSec Research philipsholt@uswest.net
Tue, 19 Sep 2000 20:22:56 -0600

Aaron Turner wrote:

> I've been looking for some example security policy(ies) to use to base my
> own companies policy on.  I've looked on the usual places like
> SecurityPortal, but came up empty (plenty of broken links though).
> Anyone know where I might be able to find such a beast?

   Yes.If money _is_NOT_the final determinant, then baseline is a good
reference to have.
"Having CISSP credentials is always a good backer    ...    ...
-    http://www.baselinesoft.com/
If money is the final say, then the following is appropriate
-    NCSA in the _past_ is now ICSA.
-    Their policy whitepapers are written by the likes of Dr. M.E. Kabay
(Atomic Tangerine founder, previously head of education @ NCSA), and some of
the best I've seen as downloads.
   For that matter, their library of pdf.s is as good as they come.


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