[fw-wiz] Is it possible at all ...?

Johann van Duyn johann.vanduyn@appleton.com
Tue, 26 Sep 2000 00:36:12 +0200

I don't see why you need to be able to browse the DMZ... machines on a DMZ
should be stand-alone servers, not NT domain members, and definitely not
domain controllers. You should setup comms between the DMZ and the inside
network in such a way that only the absolute, bare minimum of traffic is
allowed to pass between the two in order to enable your applications to

Browsing the DMZ, and (horror of horrors!) having an NT domain controller on
a DMZ, are NOT GOOD.

Yeah, I know... it makes managing the whole kaboodle a bit more of a
schlepp, but nobody (except the salesman) ever said that good security would
come easily.


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I have my firewall hooked up. So far things are going
not too bad. One problem I have is that I have all
machines in one Windows NT domain even if they are on
different IP networks. I'd like setup the DMZ and the
Inside as follows, so that the domain controllers can
exchange information, browsing works, NT user
authentication and all the typical NT Domain stuff
work. The firewall is a Cisco Pix.

Is that possible at all? I opened ports
135,137,138,139 between the DMZ and the Inside but I
do not get it to work?

Any help is appreciated!!


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