[fw-wiz] Cisco PIX: How to restrict remote access to VPN using IP addresses/hostnames

M.L. error at piasta.pl
Tue Sep 19 12:36:36 EDT 2006

Vahid Pazirandeh napisał(a):
> Quick version:
> 1. I don't want VPN access open to the entire world.  Is there a way to limit
> its access with ACLs?
> 2. A follow-up question: can I restrict access to VPN clients based on their
> hostnames instead of IPs?
> I have a Cisco PIX 515E with 7.2(1) software up and running.  I'm very new to
> VPN in general, but remote access VPN is working.
1. In 6.x pixios there was split tunnel option, which worked as a kind 
of ACL ;]
2. In 6.x you couldn't.

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