[fw-wiz] Issue with replacing SonicWall VPN with Cisco ASA VPN devices

Robby Cauwerts robby at cauwerts.be
Wed Sep 26 04:12:25 EDT 2007

On 9/25/07, Behm, Jeffrey L. <BehmJL at bv.com> wrote:
> Hello Wizards,
> Our network team is replacing the client's SonicWall devices with Cisco
> ASA 5505 (remote office) and 5520 (HQ) devices. The SonicWall devices
> were basically used as VPN endpoints in remote offices to be
> concentrated back to the corporate HQ. All traffic not destined for the
> local LAN in the remote offices was sent to the corporate office via the
> "Route all traffic through this SA" functionality in the SonicWall. This
> worked well for the environment, but now there is the need to replace
> these devices, and Cisco ASA devices have been chosen.

Search for Easy Vpn.
This is designed for quick/easy setups of remote offices.
With Cisco Easy vpn all traffic not for the local lan is routed through the
vpn tunnel, unless you  configure split tunneling.

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